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We sell,hire and service Industrial and domestic machines of all brands Free pick up and deliver all sewing machines .No extra charges. You no need to come to us. we can come to you. Save money and time.
Mens and ladies tailoring and clothing alterations. We take over all type of bulk orders.
Evening Wear and Bridesmaids dress Creation & Repairs
Suit making & Tailoring. We take care all type of repairs.
Pants Hem shortened only $15.00 same day service. No extra charges.

We repair, sell and hire all type of sewing machines. . We have capacity to do all bulk orders. Bring your orders to us. We will take care you.Parts, machine oil and needles in stock.

Amari Fashions
Amari Fashions
Amari Fashions

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    Our technician does home calls and can pick up and deliver to your home or business sewing machines for your convenience. BRING YOUR BULK ORDERS TO US. ANY STYLE, MEN AND LADIES ITAMS.